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Rexzooly Lylias

April 2024

  • Navigating Daily Tasks: Living with Chronic Illness as a Team

    Rexzooly Lylias Illness

    09 April 2024

    Living with chronic illness isn't just about managing symptoms; it's about finding ways to navigate daily tasks with grace and support. In my case, every simple action, like making a hot drink, becomes a carefully coordinated effort between myself and my husband, Rex. Allow me to give you a glimpse into our daily routine, where even the smallest actions require teamwork and understanding,.....

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  • The Coming Soon Plage

    Rexzooly Lylias Website Geek

    09 April 2024

    Welcome to our little corner of the web, where we've embraced a bit of '90s nostalgia with our hand-crafted approach. Think of us as the 'artisanal' creators of,.....

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